Profits From Your Purchase Support Cancer Clinic Trainings ​& Teaching Reiki To Cancer Patients

These make beautiful gifts for all occasions! 
Made in the U.S.A
No lead in the clay or glaze 

Artisan potter, Donna Rollins, from Sandown, New Hampshire; creates these beautiful, hand-thrown Healing Stone Mugs. These one of a kind mugs have multiple levels of healing energy that begins with quartz enhanced raw clay. Then various quartz crystals and minerals are infused during the firing process with handcrafted glazes. In continuation of that energy, gemstones and crystals are then attached to the handles. Each piece is then inspected and Reiki charged.

Northwest Reiki Association now has a limited supply on hand. Please contact us for availability. These mugs retail for $22 each. If you order 2 or more you receive $2 off each mug. Avoid shipping charges and pick up your order in the Portland Metro area or they can be shipped for $6.00 per mug.